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NEW: DeerFeed APP – calculate your feed requirements. Download this app at www.deerfeed.co.nz. This is a web based APP that works offline once you have downloaded it and pinned it to you home screen (phone); tablet or desktop.

Drought recovery and its impact on future farm performance is important

The recent drought is an opportunity to revisit some of the decisions made on farm and see what lessons can be learnt.

After the Drought – what to consider on the farm. Download the fact sheet for some options to consider to make your farm more resilient including stock policies, supplement strategies, pasture management and even trees for fodder

Some tips about managing drought for deer farmers          Managing Drought Fact Sheet 

Remember the Number One Rule: Always pay for the drought in the year it occurs.

For more on drought and pasture management read the NZ Grassland Association newsletter.

The Focus Farm programme is a proven methodology for technology transfer to farmers and the aim of this website is to complement the field days by giving the farmers an easily accessible resource of good science to support them in their on farm decisions.


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