Pre-winter calf growth

Pre-winter calf growth

Autumn is a period of significant potential growth in the calf. The calf responds to both how much feed there is (prewinter response to amount of feed) and what it’s quality is (pre-winter response to feed quality). However, it also responds depending on it’s previous familiarity with the feeds it is given (interactions with pre-weaning feeding), and how it is managed.                                                                       Pre-winter calf growth fact sheet

Targets for live weight gain during autumn

1 June weight (weaners)



NZ Red

+ 18kg on 1 March wt (200 g/d)

+15kg (167)


+ 22kg   (250)

+17kg (190)

Elk/Wapiti X

+ 27kg   (300)

+ 22kg (250)

Calf growth targets should be the same regardless of weaning strategy (see Weaning management for tips).