S Canterbury/ N Otago – Downlands Deer

Downlands Deer, Geraldine

Facilitator: Nicky Hyslop

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Weaner benchmarking

If you are interested in sharing your data to help produce some good figures for the industry you can contact Nicky at firstname@mrb.co.nz, either submit data or request the simple spreadsheet.

Field day information updates

Parasites in deer – a half day workshop by Dr Colin Mackintosh and Dave Lawrence

Measuring Winter feed crops Nov 2012 – measuring your own crops – rape, kale, swedes and fodder beet

EID – some lessons. This was the key topic of the July 2012 field day, how can farmers capture the opportunity when NAIT arrives? For further information on topics such as how can farmers use the EID tags to improve their farming practice, benefits of EID, managing data and things to watch out for read this factsheet.

For more from the July field day check out the Oct/Nov 2012 Deer industry News (read the article here).

An interview with Mike Salvesen – Focus farm visit July 2012

Report on visit to Salvesens in Deer industry News

Clayton Station update – Dec 2012 Focus farm day – includes cost benefit of lucerne, fencing water ways and filtering water before it leaves the property

February 2013 Field day – Downlands deer

A review of methods for successful pasture establishment

Changes in farm practice and impact on pasture persistence

ProGibb (plant growth regulator) management

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