Focus farms (2005-2010)

Otago and Southland Focus farms (2005-2008)

The key findings from the first two focus farms were summarised at the end of the four years and are available to be downloaded in the attached fact sheets

Productivity – Key practices fact sheet

Environmental – Key practices fact sheet

Focus on Deer newsletters

These newsletters cover a range of topics including environmental practices and management

water quality on a Southland deer farm

wintering research, riparian managment, early calving genetics, and the question of drenching weaners in spring

early calving genetics update, KPI’s for the Otago and Southland properties

the impact of wintering deer on brassicas and an article on changing from short grass farming to long grass farming

A summary of the 2 focus farms and the key outcomes of the research undertaken

Making the DIFFerence Focus farms (2008-2010)

 Soil management plan

 Johne’s disease
for further information on Johne’s Disease 









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